How many First Aiders / First Aid Kits should we have?

first aiders and box slide

There are no hard and fast rules for how many First Aiders you must have in your business.  However, regulations state that “an employer should make an assessment of first aid needs appropriate to the circumstances of each workplace”. Your first aid cover will depend on many factors so every business will have potentially different needs.  Factors that should be considered include:

  • The number of employees working at any one time
  • The type of hazards that may occur on your premises
  • The number of inexperienced workers
  • Whether members of the public visit your premises.

The number of first aid boxes you will need is also based on your first aid risk assessment.  Factors that you should consider include:

  • How many employees you have
  • How many levels your premises in on
  • Whether you have any hazards that demand specific first aid equipment.

Read “What should be in a first aid box” for further information.

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